December 13, 2018

Who knew that being on the range requires a certain etiquette! Although, like table manners, not everyone is aware that range etiquette exists.

Big Picture:

Range etiquette correlates very closely with the range rules. If you at least follow the range rules, everyone aro...

Even before women could vote, we could carry firearms for self protection. 

I remember the day that I bought my first gun.

My very own gun. It was mine, I felt powerful and confident. 
I was giddy with excitement. I had a GUN! I felt badass, I couldn't wait to tel...

Is there such a thing as a road trip season? 

If there is, it is definitely during the summer.

We make plans with our families and friends to get away to another place, away from the hustle and bustle of life. We just want to go on vacation, forget our problems for a w...

I tried to carry a police officer today.

It didn’t work out too well, so I carried my gun instead.

Just like I did yesterday and the day before. Tomorrow I will also carry my gun. Every now and then someone will ask me what I am so afraid of, but I tell them “I’m not afr...

1) Most sex crimes and violent crimes are committed against women.

Women are 18 times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than men are. In the United States for 2007, the violent crime rate was 1.8 per 1,000 against females and 0.1 per 1,000 against males. I...

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