Ladies Only Basic Handgun Instruction Class


This class is a class for ladies only, there is no need to own a gun to take this class. Everything is provided for you including ammo, targets and safety gear. All you have to do is show up! It is a simple relaxed class that will move at a reasonable pace. We focus on how a gun operates, how to shoot it properly, why you should be carrying a gun, how to take care of it, and different ways to conceal carry a gun in a safe manner.



Going to any gun store for the first time can be stressful and awkward. 

This is a service provided for any woman who would like to navigate a gun store with a pro by her side guiding her along the way. Many times ladies are "bullied" into buying a firearm that they can't manipulate on the range, it's uncomfortable to shoot, or it just is not what they came in for. Ammunition, holsters, magazines, and other shooting accessories are also explained on-site.
The location is your choice, or I recommend G.T. Distributors. (In N. Austin close to The Domain.)

I encourage you to look for this service elsewhere, you won't find it! 



License to Carry a Concealed Firearm

Are you interested in obtaining your license to carry a handgun? The new and ever-changing laws can be confusing. Take this class to get certified to carry a handgun and understand the Texas laws that go along with getting a license to carry a handgun. It is a full-day class on Texas laws that includes a written test and a shooting test, not very different than getting your drivers license! 



One on One, or a Group of Your Own Friends. 

If you are interested in one-on-one instruction for self-improvement or are looking for a private class for you and your friends, this is the choice for you! This can be catered to your level of experience. Private instruction can be for men and women, group classes can be co-ed too. 


Private group classes must have a minimum of 4 people.



This is for someone that would like to take the class with their friends, family, or employees in their own home or business setting. I provide all of the materials minus a blank wall or screen.
You won't find this service anywhere else!


Please note: The live fire portion must still take place on a range, only the classroom portion can be in your home or business. If you own private property with a shooting range on the property, it is acceptable by the Texas Department of Public Safety, as long as an address is provided. 



This will be a class for LADIES only!

You MUST own a gun to take this class.

We will go over safety rules, techniques for accurate real-life scenarios, shooting on the move and from behind cover, rapid fire and rapid reloads, shooting, maintenance and malfunctions, traveling with firearms, and practicing at home on your own.