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It means "Defender of Mankind." 


Alex firmly believes in the idea of a confident, capable, strong woman that can stand up to what the world may throw at her.


Alex has been shooting since 2008 and teaching others how to shoot since 2012. She joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating High School and became an armorer and marksmanship instructor. While in the Marines, Alex attended and taught many different types of marksmanship classes. From basic handgun and rifle courses to combat and precision shooting type training in addition to her duties as an armorer. Alex was active duty from 2010 - 2014 and is in the USMC Reserves currently. 


Falken Firearms Training was born in the summer of 2016 after Alex realized that there is a great need in the community for female marksmanship instructors to pass on to other women their knowledge and experience. 


If you are here to find someone who can teach you the ins and outs of shooting and gun ownership from a woman's perspective, you have come to the right place. Alex truly cares about her mission, embodies what she teaches, and will take whatever steps are necessary to help you achieve your goals.


"Whoever you are and whatever you believe in, I would love to have the privilege to share my knowledge, skills, and expertise with you to help you learn a new skill while becoming more confident,

capable, and strong no matter what the world throws your way.  "


- Alexandra VonHindenfalken

Marine Combat Training, 2010

Quartermaster School, 2011

Concealed Carry for Self Defense FPF training, 2012

USMC Marksmanship Coach School, 2012

Centerfire Shooting Sports Tactical Pistol Course, 2015 

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, 2016

Semper Paratus Armory course, 2017
Sig Sauer Pistol Instructor Course, 2018
USMC Combat Marksmanship Trainer School, 2019

TACCON - 2021

-Women's Concealed Carry Essentials

-Instructor Diagnostic Skills
-Ensuring Holster Success 


Owner/Marksmanship Instructor/Coach

5% of all profit is donated to Exodus Cry to end the sexual exploitation of women and children globally.

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