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Same as original 2 on 1 private lesson, except location of lesson will be at the Secure America Now (SAN) private range in Seguin, Texas. It will also require the purchase of 2 $30 guest passes paid directly to the SAN range.


If you would like to take a private lesson with someone else, this is service you are looking for! 
A Two on One lesson is perfect for friends, sisters, a mother-daughter duo, etc. 
This lesson has all the same benefits as a One on One lesson but is 2 hours long instead of 1.5 hours. 

Topics covered; gun safety, shooting fundamentals, concealed carry methods, Texas gun laws, best shooting practices, gun cleaning and more. The lesson will be catered to your goals and skill levels.

More shooters who are already trainged in the basics can request intermediate level training as well. 

The price of a Two on One lesson includes/covers: 

Range fees

Firearm rentals


Eye and ear protection for both clients


2 hours of instruction


The price does not include/cover:



Two on One (in Seguin, TX)

  • Purchase of Guest Day pass is required for Save America Now entry. Guest pass link can be found here:

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